Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harlon Guillot

Today I went to Morgan City to meet with Harlon Guillot at his barbershop. While speaking with him I learned so much about his background, and some history of the Morgan City area. As it turns out Morgan City used to be a logging town. With the introduction of the levees the bayous and the trees dissapeared leaving all those who worked the land without jobs. Until the 80's a lot of the Morgan City residents worked in the oil industry and many suffered when that also declined.
Harlon is a cajun to the core. Growing up on the bayou, Harlon was surrounded by fur trappers, shrimpers and fishermen. Those living on the bayous were pretty self sufficient, trading amongst themselves, and living off the land. As a Cajun, Harlon Guillot's family are French Canadian immigrants from Noviascotia. The Guillot family happen to be the inventors of the Guillotine, and did so while they still resided in France. Harlon did not speak any english until he was fifteen years old, and at sixteen he quit school to work on a shrimp boat. Harlon served in the military util 1975 when he returned to Morgan City. After years of working in the oil industry Harlon adapted with his changing surroundings. In 2003 Harlon opened Clippers Barbershop with his son Nick. 

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